Hey there, here's a little more about me.

I'm deeply interested in the overlap of traditional medtech and preventative, consumer-driven health. I've had the pleasure of working at the intersection of these two worlds as a co-founder of JOOVV, the first medical-grade, full-body red light therapy system with a patented, MODULAR DESIGN.

I also founded, MEDSIDER, a digitally native media company focused on disseminating key insights from medtech and healthech thought leaders. In addition to Medsider, I'm a Managing Director of BIG SKY BIOMEDICAL, with portfolio investments in CROSSFIRE MEDICAL and FASTWAVE MEDICAL. I'm also a contributor to FORBES and MASS DEVICE.

Previously, I've spent my entire professional career in various medtech and healthcare leadership positions at BOSTON SCIENTIFIC, MEDTRONIC, TOUCH SURGERY, W2O GROUP, and several other companies.

I'm married to a wonderful WOMAN, who inspires me greatly. Together, we have two lovely girls, two amazing boys, and a few pups.

Personally, I'm a big believer in the continuous feedback loop of trying, failing, and learning. And pressing into the areas of life you deeply care about.

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Features in Healthline, The Cut, Betches, Forbes, Morning Read, and Men's JournalMentions in the New York Times, Men's Health, Daily Beast, Parade, ESPN, and SHAPEHighlights in Us Weekly, Hello Giggles, Greatist, and Elle
USA Today Best Product AwardRobb Recommends Product AwardSkin Games Category Champion
Dr. AxePaleo MagazineForbes
Advisor to the Medical Devices Group
More than 20 issued or pending patents